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Acriform™ Acrylic Sheet | Clear or White. (PRICE...

Acriform™, Acrylic, Sheet, Clear, White., (PRICE, FOR, UNITS)., Materials



Acriform™ Acrylic Sheet (white or clear) are ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you are looking to create a dense white facia, a bright eye-catching sign, a light-box or even a soft lighting feature, Acriform™ Acrylic Board can refract and diffuse light to create stunning vis..

Alumobond™ Aluminum Composite Panel – ACP 48...

Alumobond™, Aluminum, Composite, Panel, ACP, 48″, 96″, (1.22m, 2.44m), Materials



Alumobond™ Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP)  is a durable, lightweight aluminum composite substrate for advertising and architectural applications. Composed of two aluminum cover sheets bonded to a solid polyethylene core, Alumobond™ Aluminum Composite Panel offers impact-resistance,..

ColorPrint Easy - Solvent Printable Heat Transfer ...

ColorPrint, Easy, Solvent, Printable, Heat, Transfer, Vinyl, Materials



To say that ColorPrint Easy is a breeze to weed is an understatement! ColorPrint Easy is hands down the easiest weeding print and cut material on the market! Do you sometimes get frustrated at how much pressure you must apply in order to get a design to transfer to a garment’s material? This..

ColorPrint Extra Solvent Printable Heat Transfer V...

ColorPrint, Extra, Solvent, Printable, Heat, Transfer, Vinyl, CPE, Materials



Colorprint Extra is a solvent printable digital material designed for use with your printer/cutter to create full color transfers that can be applied to a wide variety of items with a heat press, including nylon bags, backpacks, umbrellas and leather jackets. ColorPrint Extra is great for be..

ColorPrint PU Matte Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

ColorPrint, Matte, Printable, Heat, Transfer, Vinyl, Materials



ColorPrint PU is one of the industry favorite, best-selling ColorPrint materials by Siser! This media is thin, soft, and offers incredible stretch & rebound! It requires no dry time, and is amazingly durable and best of all - easy to use! We strongly recommend using TTD Easy Mask for app..

ColorPrint SubliThin Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

ColorPrint, SubliThin, Printable, Heat, Transfer, Vinyl, Materials



ColorPrint SubliThin allows you to add beautifully vibrant images onto fully-sublimated garments! This material is a polyurethane product created specifically for use with sublimated sports garments. ColorPrint SubliThin is a digital printing material that blocks dye migration on the toughest..

EZplastix™ Corrugated Plastic Sheet (PRICE INCLU...

EZplastix™, Corrugated, Plastic, Sheet, (PRICE, INCLUDE, PANELS), Materials



Ezplastix™ Corrugated Plastic Sheets feature excellent rigidity, tear strength, impact resistance and surface smoothness. Great for any type of outdoor advertising. Applications Billboards, outdoor signs, displays, arts, crafts and outdoor and indoor decoration. Specifications ..

FoamBrite™ Foam Board | White (PRICE INCLUDES 10...

FoamBrite™, Foam, Board, White, (PRICE, INCLUDES, PANELS), Materials



FoamBrite™ White Foam Board is an extruded polystyrene foam board bonded between two sheets of high-impact white card paper. FoamBrite™ Foam Boards are uniformly flat, lightweight, rigid and durable. They are both water and moisture proof with good heat preservation and sound insulation a..

FOREVER Laser Dark (No Cut) Low Temp Heat Transfer...

FOREVER, Laser, Dark, (No, Cut), Low, Temp, Heat, Transfer, Paper, Materials



A revolutionary self-weeding heat transfer paper, FOREVER Laser Dark allows for the application of intricate, full-color images to low-temperature substrates. FOREVER Laser Dark features a unique two-step system of "A" and "B" papers that leaves no background coating and eliminates the need ..

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