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AJ-1000 Assy, Scan Motor - 6700049030

AJ-1000, Assy, Scan, Motor, 6700049030, Spare, Parts, Roland



This generic Assy, Scan Motor is suitable for Roland AJ-1000 printers. This generic motor corresponds to Roland part number 6700049030 replacing part 22805536 which was discontinued. COMPATIBLE PRINTERS : Roland AJ-1000AJ-740FP-740 LEC-330XC-540XJ-540 XJ-..

Carriage X Motor Epson GS6000

Carriage, Motor, Epson, GS6000, Spare, Parts



Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 CR Motor-2122763Printer Compatibility: Epson Stylus Pro GS6000Manufacturer: EpsonPart No.: 2122763 ..

Fina 250Q XY Motor Drive Board

Fina, 250Q, Motor, Drive, Board, Spare, Parts, Infiniti



This X Y motor drive board is suitable for Infiniti Fina250Q printers. This is the original Infiniti part. COMPATIBLE PRINTER : Infiniti Fina250Q ..

HP SCITEX XLJet Motor, 1Phase,200V,1HP,750W,3000RP...

SCITEX, XLJet, Motor, 1Phase, 200V, 1HP, 750W, 3000RPM, CW980-00140, Spare, Parts



This Motor,1Phase,200V,1HP,750W,3000RPM is suitable for HP Scitex XL1500 (XLJet+), FB7500 and Scitex FB7600 printers. This is the original HP Scitex part (number CW980-00140 replacing number 316000022). The motor has a capacity of 750W, uses 230V and 4.4 A. It has a maximum rotation ..

JV4 Pump motor – E102140

JV4, Pump, motor, E102140, Spare, Parts, Mimaki



This pump Motor is suitable for Mimaki JV4 / TX2 printers. This is the original Mimaki part (number E102140). COMPATIBLE PRINTERS: Mimaki JV4-130JV4-160 JV4-180TX2-1600 ..

Leadshine AC servo driver ACS606 work at 24-60VDC ...

Leadshine, servo, driver, ACS606, work, 24-60VDC, out, 200W, with, BLM57180-1000, Brushless, motor, 180W, Spare, Parts



Model Number: ACS606Voltage: 36VMotor Type: AC MotorPower Supply: DCWork Voltage: 24-60VDCWith Motor: servo motor BLM57130-1000Watt: 200W ..

MIMAKI JV33 Y Motor - M011924

MIMAKI, JV33, Motor, M011924, Spare, Parts, Mimaki



This Y Motor is suitable for Mimaki JV33 & JV4 series printers. This is the original Mimaki part (number M011924 replacing number M007620 & M004725). COMPATIBLE PRINTERS : Mimaki JV33-130JV33-130BSJV33-160JV33-160BS JV33-260JV33-260BSJV4-130J..

Mimaki JV4 Y-Axis Motor Assy - E300451

Mimaki, JV4, Y-Axis, Motor, Assy, E300451, Spare, Parts



This generic Y-Axis Motor Assy is suitable for Mimaki JV4 / TX2-1600 printers. This is a high-quality generic motor that corresponds to Mimaki part number E300451 replacing E300295. The black cable is 1000mm long and the red one is 1250mm long. COMPATIBLE WITH : ..

Mutoh Drafstation CR Y motor assy - DF-49021

Mutoh, Drafstation, motor, assy, DF-49021, Spare, Parts



This CR motor assy is suitable for Mutoh Drafstation printers. This is the original part (number DF-49021). This motor is also called Y, carriage or scan motor. COMPATIBLE PRINTERS : Mutoh RJ-900C (Drafstation)RJ-900X (Drafstation) RJ-901C (Drafstation..

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