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Epson DX4 Water Printhead

Epson, DX4, Water, Printhead, Printheads



The Epson DX4 water-based printhead is suitable for Roland, Mutoh and Mimaki water-based printers. The Epson DX4 printhead has a native resolution of 360 dpi, 2 nozzle lines (corresponding with 2 independent ink channels) and 180 nozzles per line.The Epson DX4 (fourth generation mi..

EPSON DX5. WATER BASE. F187000 . No Encryption Pri...

EPSON, DX5., WATER, BASE., F187000, Encryption, Printhead, Printheads, Epson



The Epson DX5 water-based printhead is used by different printer manufacturers as described in the printer compatibility. The Epson DX5 (Epson fifth generation micro-piezo print head) has a native resolution of 1440 dpi, 8 nozzle lines (corresponding with 8 independent ink channels) ..

Kyocera Water Printhead KJ4B-QA

Kyocera, Water, Printhead, KJ4B-QA, Printheads



This new generation Kyocera KJ4B-QA is designed is designed for high-speed printing of water-based inks. It is a 600dpi one color printhead with a maximum drive frequency of 30kHz. It delivers high quality with a small drop volume of 5pl at 75 m/min by making ..

Mimaki / Mutoh Water Based Pump

Mimaki, Mutoh, Water, Based, Pump, Spare, Parts



This high-quality generic pump is suitable for Mimaki and Mutoh water-based printers. This pump includes silicon white tubes that are suitable for water-based inks (not solvent based). This pump offers long-lasting performance. COMPATIBLE PRINTERS: ..


RICOH, GEN5., 7PL., WATER, BASE, Printheads, Ricoh



This GEN5 printhead is suitable for a range of water printers. It supports up to four colors and has a total of 1.280 nozzles. It is built with longevity and robustness in mind and used in the latest industrial inkjet printers. This is Ricoh original printhead and i..

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