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Welcome to Sukabina Bicycles & Parts Shop


How can I correct my shipping address?

If the order has not been shipped/assigned a tracking number, you can update the shipping address via email. If your order has been shipped, please contact our manual service for more help. Please attention: Shipping Address must be changed/ edited via Sukabina's website. If you edit via the payment method platform, it doesn't work.


Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel the order in "My orders" by yourself before it ships out.

Note: once the order has been shipped out, it can not be canceled anymore.


How long will the order take to arrive?

Hi, generally, it takes 2-3 working days to process the order. Once your order is shipped out, we will send you an email with tracking info for your order. You can track the order status in "My orders." For more details on shipping time to your country, please refer to Shipping info. Based on our international shipment methods, it will take some days to reach you. The shipping time also varies from the shipping company. Due to the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, your order may delay for several days before delivery. Please wait in patience.


Why didn't I get an email about my order being shipped?

Generally, an email with a tracking number will be sent to your account email address after the order ships out in 24 hours. If you did not receive the email:

1. Please visit "My orders" to check the order status. It could still be in processing.

2. Please check if you logged in to the correct Sukabina's account. The email is sent to the registered email address.

3. Please check your junk emails and if your email address shielded our email.


Why is my order delayed?

Hi, apologies for the delay. Since we ship overseas, it needs some days to arrive in your country by plane first. There is no updated information for your package as it is in transit to the shipping company's next facility. Once the package arrives at local, the order status will be updated and delivered to you soon. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. Due to the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, there is a shortage of global transport resources, which may delay your order for several days.


Why there is no tracking updated?

When orders ship from our warehouse, it needs days to arrive in your country by plane first. There is no updated information for your package as it is in transit to the shipping company's next facility. Sometimes, there will not be an update on the tracking information for a couple of days because the package is in transit. Once the package arrives at local, the order status will update immediately.

Please note: Due to the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, there is a shortage of global transport resources, which may delay your order for several days.


Why was my package returned?

Apologize for this inconvenience. It may be due to a wrong or incomplete address, invalid phone number, or other reasons. Would you please contact the shipping courier to check for more details first?


Why does the tracking service shows that the package has been delivered, but I did not receive anything?

Apologize about this inconvenience, package might be delivered to your mail box or signed by your neighbors, please have a check first. If no result, kindly contact the shipping courier to check for more details.


What happens if I am not at home when my package arrives?

If you are not at home when the shipping company delivers your order, you can ask your family or friends to sign for it if possible. Or you can contact the shipping company to arrange delivery when you are available.


Why did my package be declined by the customs?

We are sorry to hear that. Would you please contact our customer service people for more help? Our customer service people will ensure a solution for you.


What if I received a defective item?

We apologize for the inconvenience, kindly suggest you contact our customer service to check for details if necessary.

Note: picture and Item ID or Item SKU of the defective item are needed.


I was charged twice.

Please do not worry. We would love to sort this out for you. Here is the most common reason why you may see a duplicate charge:

You may have placed an order more than once. Please check 'My orders,' and you will be able to cancel any duplicate orders and receive a refund accordingly.

Kindly note: If you do not see any duplicate order or cannot cancel it, please write to us or check with our customer service online. We may ask for screenshots of the bank charges along with any account information.


Why was my payment declined?

It might be the below reasons:

1. Card info is incorrect, kindly check the expiration date, billing address, and security code (Security code on the back of your Visa/Master card).

2. Card issuer bank declined your payment.

3. No enough balance on the card.

If possible, we advise you to try paying with PayPal or Online Bank Transfer.


Why do I need to verify my payment on my order?

We apologize for any inconvenience. The verification process is required by your bank. Please kindly have a check with them. Please also check your email and reply with the requested documents if necessary. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Are there any additional fee?

Generally, there is no additional fee. As our prices do not include taxes or duties, it is not 100% sure whether you will be charged for taxes or not.

1. If you are charged and you want the parcel, we suggest you pay for taxes first, then send us the receipt, we can refund you part of it as compensation.

2. If you don't want this package, you can contact us for more help.


I placed an order, but forgot to use a coupon,can i add it now?

Once an order is already placed, it could not add any coupon. If the order has not shipped out yet, you can cancel it by yourself and get a full refund. Then you can apply the coupon for a new order.


Why can’t I log into my account?

1. Kindly check if the account email address and password are correct.

2. If you forgot your password, click the button“Forgot Your Password” on the login page for help.

Please note: If the registered email address was wrong, contact us for more help.


How do I change details of my account?

Hi, you can edit or change the details of your account via "My Account."

Please note: You cannot change the registered email address. You may contact us to delete the wrong account.


Why do we sign you up for an online account?

A Sukabina's account is necessary. You can check the order details after placing an order in your Sukabina's account.


Do I need to pay tax for the order?

Our Orders don’t add taxes, VAT, or other hidden charges. You pay us what you see on the order screen, i.e., goods subtotal + shipping cost. HOWEVER – In most countries, you have to pay taxes or duties on imported goods. Sometimes goods under a specific value or in certain categories do not incur taxes. The rules are different in every country. Unfortunately, there is no way for our sellers to know the rules, regulations, customs, traditions, practices, loopholes, schemes, systems, paperwork, codes, laws, or rulings of every country. Therefore, we cannot, and will not, offer advice about taxes in your country. As the buyer, it is your responsibility to find out that information before you order. If you have to pay import taxes and/or additional duties and sales taxes, you would have to pay that to the courier upon receipt of the package(s). We can’t calculate this for you, and there is no way to pre-pay it. If you are drop-shipping or sending a gift item to someone, please make sure they are aware of the possibility of having to pay taxes when receiving the goods.

Please find out as much as you can about your import taxes in your own country before completing your order. If you find out information about the import tax situation in your country, and you believe there are ways to minimize the taxes you have to pay (or eliminate the taxes), let us know what you need by putting instructions (regarding labeling, packing, declarations, invoices, etc.) in the comments field during checkout. We are more than happy to follow your instructions.

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